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Industrial IOT - Machine Monitoring System


Machine Data Exploration. Follow-up services for Efficiency Improvement

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Predictive Maintenance / Industry 4.0

Predictive Maintenance with Condition Based Monitoring - Vibration, Pressure, Oil and more.


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We help startups to ideate, design, develop, evaluate and launch apps keeping in mind their expectations and constraints with regard to costs and timelines. We also understand that startups and enterprises look for rapid launch, growth and success in the virtual market. Using agile methodologies, we deliver world-class mobile and web apps with swift design, development and deployment.


The first step is to conduct an assessment of the client's current operations. This includes analyzing the client's current workflow, identifying areas that can be improved, and determining the best solutions to meet the client's needs.



Once the assessment is complete, Wathare Infotech Solutions will work with the client to implement the chosen solutions. This includes configuring the software, installing sensors and other hardware, and providing training to the client's team on how to use the system.


Monitoring and Optimization

After implementation, Wathare Infotech Solutions will work with the client to monitor the performance of the solutions and optimize the system to ensure that it is meeting the client's needs. This includes analyzing data, identifying areas for improvement, and making adjustments to the system as needed.

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Our aim is to be flexible and listen to our clients needs in order to gain a full understanding of the challenges they face

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Wathare Infotech Solutions is a software company that values trust and integrity in all of its business operations. The company understands that building trust with its clients is essential to maintaining long-term relationships, and it is committed to being transparent and honest in all of its dealings.

Machine Monitoring: The company’s flagship product, the Machine Monitoring System, is designed to provide real-time data on machine utilization, operator performance, energy consumption, and more. This data can be used to identify issues that are impacting the production process and to provide valuable insights that can help manufacturers to optimize their operations.
Predictive Maintenance: Wathare Infotech Solutions offers a predictive maintenance feature which helps clients in identifying potential issues with their machines before they occur. This approach allows clients to take preventive actions, reducing downtime and maintenance costs, and ultimately increasing the uptime of the assets.
Quality Management: The company also offers a Quality Management System that helps in maintaining quality standards and traceability of products. This software service allows manufacturers to keep track of the quality of their products and ensure that they are meeting the required standards.

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