Wathare Infotech Solutions, a software company that specializes in providing Machine Monitoring Systems for the manufacturing industry, recently provided a solution to a leading tractor and auto component manufacturing company based in Kolhapur. The manufacturing client, who uses CNC and VMC machines, implemented the system to keep track of part count on an hourly, shift, day, week, and month basis, as well as track downtime reasons punched in by their operators.

The implementation of the Machine Monitoring System has had a significant impact on the client’s production process. Before implementing the system, the client faced challenges in accurately tracking machine utilization, identifying the root causes of downtime and monitoring the performance of individual operators.

The system provided real-time data on machine utilization, operator performance and downtime reasons, which allowed the client to identify and address any issues that were impacting their production process. This data provided valuable insights into the production process, allowing the client to make data-driven decisions to optimize their operations.

Additionally, the system provided data on energy consumption, which helped the client to identify areas where they could reduce costs. The client was also able to track the total production and downtime on hourly, shift, day, week and month basis which helped them in understanding their production process better.

The client has been very satisfied with the solution provided by Wathare Infotech Solutions, and they have been able to achieve their goal of monitoring and optimizing their production process. The data-driven decisions made possible by the system have enabled them to improve their overall efficiency, reduce downtime and increase production.

Overall, the implementation of the Machine Monitoring System has had a significant positive impact on the client’s production process, and has helped them to achieve their goals of monitoring and optimizing their operations. The client continues to work with Wathare Infotech Solutions to improve their production process and stay ahead of their competition.